Skaya is an AI-powered image creation tool that allows users to combine their artistic vision with powerful algorithms to produce digital artworks with high creativity and aesthetic value.

User Friendly Interface

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, even artists and amateurs can quickly create works of art using the app.

Large Art Library

With our vast library of thousands of artistic elements, filters and styles, users can create works of art without limiting their imagination.

Free Trial

200 credits for free! Try our service for free and enrich your artistic experience.

Innovative Updates

We are constantly adding new features and content, increasing the power of the app. Users can enhance their experience with more artistic tools and opportunities.

How it works

Our process takes place in four key stages designed to allow users to freely express their imagination and perfect their artistic skills

Open the app

Choose the model you want

Write keywords

Image created

App Picture


Skaya is an AI-powered image creation tool designed to push the boundaries of creativity and take artistic experiences one step further in the digital world. It offers a unique and powerful platform for art lovers, professional artists and amateurs, allowing them to experience the thrill of turning imagination into reality.

Join the Skaya family and start your journey to paint your dreams and leave your mark in the world of digital art!

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Infinite Possibility

Skaya offers users unlimited possibilities by creating a platform that pushes the boundaries of art. There are no limits to your artistic journey; let your creativity flow freely and explore the infinite potential of digital art.

Secure Platform

Your Data and Privacy are Protected.

Fast & Trusted

Your requests are quickly processed and finalized on our servers.

No limits!

Just dream and Skaya will do the rest

Monthly Awards!
Skaya offers users the chance to publish their artistic creations and collect likes from the community. At the end of the month, the creative owners of the most liked images are honored with prizes.


We greet you with sample images created in the magical world of Skaya! Here are some unique digital artworks created by art lovers and creative individuals with their imagination and the power of Skaya

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20,000+ users draw their dreams with Skaya.

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